Rituals, Norms and Other Ways to Build a Healthy Work Culture

Workplace Culture

May 20, 2019


Thinking about what “work family” means—and your own role within it. Promo image from WOCinTech Chat.

Rebuilding Notre Dame: The next steps for Paris’s famous cathedral

Notre Dame

April 18, 2019

Graphics reporter

What experts say will need to happen to save Notre Dame through scrollytelling, 3d models and other graphics.

Do ‘one-and-done’ teams succeed in March?

One And Dones

March 20, 2019

Graphics reporter

This story is a deep dive into March Madness tournament statistics to answer the question many are asking: do one-and-done players win championships?

The history of U.S. border apprehensions

Border Wall

Jan. 10, 2019

Graphics reporter

Following President Trump’s nationally televised plea to build a border wall, we look at the modern history of the arrest of migrants attempting to enter the United States without authorization.

Does sports glory create a spike in college applications? It’s not a slam dunk.

Ncaa Championships

Dec 6, 2018

Graphics developer

At times, college application numbers rise after sports success. This is known as the Flutie Effect. Here’s a look at when it happens—and when it doesn’t.

2018 voter poll results

Midterm Election

Nov 11, 2018

Graphics developer

During various elections, exit polls show the demographics of voters. Using AP VoteCast, The Post continually live-published results throughout election night.

The U.S. Voting System Remains Vulnerable 6 Months Before Election Day. What Now?

Voting Machines

May 8, 2018

Graphics developer

Since the hacks during the 2016 election took place, voting machine cybersecurity is a notable topic. Learn about what your county uses to vote and whether or not it can be verified for top voting machine security.

Turning The Tables: The 150 Greatest Albums Made By Women (As Chosen By You)

Turning The Tables

April 9, 2018

Data analyst

NPR Music wrapped up their first season of Turning Tables with a listeners poll. Using a Google Form, GNU Make, Dedupe.io and OpenRefine, we took user-submitted data, cleaned and ranked the albums to compile the final results. View the code.

The Business Of Being Cardi B

Charti B

April 5, 2018

Graphics developer

Cardi B has an explosive personality that's helped her climb to the top. Here's a look at her major milestones.

Olympic Host Pyeongchang Steps Into The Global Spotlight

South Korea

Feb. 9, 2018

Map maker / designer

For the 2018 Winter Olympics, I created a map of South Korea to highlight the location of the games using QGIS and Illustrator.

Cryptocurrency Investors Worry, Wait After Bitcoin Price Drop

Bitcoin Value

January 18, 2018

Graphics developer

Since mid-November, the value of bitcoin — shown in U.S. dollars, according to Bitcoinity.org — has rocketed up and plummeted.

Poll Results: All Songs Considered Listeners' 100 Favorite Albums Of 2017


Dec. 18, 2017

Data analyst

Each year, All Songs Considered asks listeners to send in their favorite albums of the year. In 2016, the Visuals team used a multitude of languages and frameworks to weight and rank the top albums. In 2017, myself and a senior developer streamlined the process using Python and Dedupe.io. View the code.

New Report Shows 64 Of 195 Countries Aren't Meeting A Basic Vaccination Target

Global Immunization

July 25, 2017

Graphics developer and data analyst

When the WHO released global immunization data, the Visuals team worked with Goats and Soda to produce data visualization. I used textures.js to highlight conflict time periods. View the code.

The Promise And Peril Of School Vouchers

School Choice

May 12, 2017

Graphics developer and data analyst

NPR Ed approached the Visuals team with a 50+ page pdf from the Indiana Department of Education. The reporter had crunch preliminary data and I analyzed the data in Jupyter to reproduce and confirm his conclusions. View the code.

Russia Context Cards (Cardbuilder)


May 8, 2017


The idea of the NPR Context Cards came about by a short meeting with a general reporter who wanted to help "catch readers up" on the Russia Investigation. Two other members of the Visuals team and I collaborated to bring the cards to life from an assumptions meeting to launch. View the code.

MAP: Find Out What New Viruses Are Emerging In Your Backyard


July 25, 2017

Graphics developer and data analyst

A reporter from NPR's Goats and Soda found data from EcoHealth Alliance and approached us to analyze and visualize the data. I lead the collaboration doing data analysis and visualization with help from two other Visuals team members.

Best Music of 2016

Npr Best Music 2016

Dec. 5, 2016

Front end developer

At the end of each year, NPR Music curates a list of the year's best music. The emphasis in 2016 was on the ability to scan then curate a favorites lists. I worked with a designer and developer to sketch and build the 2016 Best Music app in three weeks. View the code.

Live Coverage: Election Night 2016

Npr Election Live Blog

Nov. 8, 2016

Backend engineer

On 2016 Election Day, the live blog allowed NPR reporters to quickly and easily add up-to-date coverage to the site for national election coverage. I worked with a senior developer to build the liveblog rig based on the annotation rig. View the code.

Stand At The Edge Of Geological Time

Stand At The Edge Of Geologic Time

July 20, 2016

Front end developer

Stand At The Edge Of Geological Time was the finale of a variety of NPR's coverage of national parks. This VR project is the first of it’s kind for NPR. As a front end developer, I translated wireframes to code, working with the designer and developer to build this audio-focused immersive experience. View the code.

Semi-Automatic Weapons Without A Background Check Can Be Just A Click Away

Semi Automatic Weapons Without A Background Check Can Be Just A Click Away

June 17, 2016

Data developer and graphics maker

In reaction to the Orlando shooting on June 12, 2016, NPR produced exclusive online content about the availability of guns through third-party sites like Armslist.com. I wrote a scraper and analyzed the data for visualization. View the code.

New York Times Student Journalism Institute

The New York Times Student Journalism Institute

June 4, 2016

Digital editor and developer

The New York Times Student Journalism Institute is a two-week fellowship program for student journalists in NABJ and NAHJ. I worked on the CMS and created data visualizations. View the code.



May 13, 2016

Project manager and lead developer

For an international documentary project, a team of student videographers, reporters, developers and designers travelled to Bocas del Toro, Panama to tell the stories of the intersection of culture and environment. It won Excellence and Innovation in Visual Digital Storytelling award at the 2016 Online Journalism Awards. View the code.